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Rutgers-New Brunswick libraries introduce 'RU-only' late night hours

November 13, 2014
Rutgers ID needed for late night hours in New Brunswick libraries

Rutgers ID needed for late night hours in New Brunswick libraries

It's no secret that as the nights gets later, the libraries at Rutgers often get more and more crowded.

Free seats become rare commodities and users often must walk great distances to find a place to settle in and study. The scarcity of seats becomes particularly severe during the weeks before mid-terms and finals.

In the interest of better serving our primary users - Rutgers students, faculty, and staff - the Rutgers University Libraries in New Brunswick and Piscataway will restrict access to current Rutgers students, faculty, and staff after 10:00 pm until closing. This policy will begin on Sunday November 16th.

At 9:30 and 10:00 pm, an announcement will be made in the libraries that the "current Rutgers students, faculty, and staff only" policy has begun and all community members will be asked to leave. Entry into the libraries will be restricted to those with valid Rutgers IDs. This policy will remain in effect at all times when the libraries are open during late night hours.

This new policy should provide more night time reading, writing, and researching spaces for students, in a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to serious study.  

The Libraries remain committed as well to providing access to our facilities, resources, and services to our surrounding communities. We will continue to remain open to the public during our regular morning, afternoon, and early evening hours of operation.

For more information on this new policy, please submit a question to the Email a Librarian service: