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Rutgers University Libraries - Assembled Collection Of Chemistry Resources

August 26, 2013

The Libraries enhanced its support of research and study in chemistry by adding a wide range of resources, from different vendors.

These resources are:

Wiley  e-journal backfiles for Chemistry

  • Bulletin des Societes Chimiques Belges
  • Heteroatom chemistry
  • Journal of computational chemistry
  • Journal of Raman spectroscopy
  • Journal of polymer science Part C. Polymer symposia

The Springer e-book collection for Chemistry and Material Science from 2005 through 2013.  One of the benefits of owning a Springer e-book collection is that Rutgers faculty and students can purchase a print copy of an e-book included in the collection for the very discounted price of $24.95. 

Elsevier e-journal backfiles for Inorganic Chemistry. 

  • Bioinorganic chemistry (1971 – 1978)
  • Coordination chemistry reviews (1966 – 1994)
  • Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry Letters (1965 – 1981)
  • Inorganica chimica acta (1967 – 1994)
  • Inorganica chimica acta, Reviews (1967 – 1973)
  • Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry (1955 – 1981)
  • Journal of inorganic biochemistry (1979 – 1994)
  • Journal of organometallic chemistry (1963 – 1994)
  • Polyhedron (1982 – 1994)

For more information on how to access any of these resources, please contact Physical Sciences Librarian Bonnie Fong at or Chemistry and Physics Librarian Laura Palumbo at .