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Service relocations at Dana Library

January 2, 2014

The John Cotton Dana Library on the Newark campus has temporarily relocated the reference desk and first floor computing laboratory to the lower level of the library. Reference librarians and computing consultants will be available on the lower level when the Library reopens January 2, 2014. Computers are also available in the 4th floor media laboratory.

The first floor Dana reference area is being remodeled, and the public computing laboratory expanded. The computing laboratory is being outfitted with 100 all-in-one PCs, a designated work space for personal mobile devices, 3 black and white printers, and 1 color printer. All new computing furniture will have increased work space and privacy panels. Reservation software will be piloted in the laboratory, allowing students to reserve a computer with the click of a button. The laboratory, expected to open at the end of January, will be monitored by a full time employee, along with three lab consultants.

This project is part of a series of computing technology enhancements taking place on the Newark campus during January. It is a great opportunity for the Library and the campus to integrate more public computing into a facility that already boasts the highest computer usage on campus and also offers extended hours of operation. The Library is grateful to Newark Computing Services and Facilities for their vision and support.