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Spotlight on Student Workers: Day 1

April 11, 2016

In celebration of National Library Week and National Student Employment Week, for the next five days we will be turning the spotlight over to our student workers from libraries throughout the university. This series will explore their perspectives on their work, the Libraries, and what makes them special people. Join us in thanking them for all they do for the Libraries!

Describe a typical day of work for you at Rutgers University Libraries. What sorts of tasks are you normally responsible for?

“A typical day at the Institute is meeting new people, mostly jazz enthusiasts coming from all over the globe. If not sitting at the front desk to meet and greet people and answer phone calls, I digitize transcripts and sort out LP collections while listening to jazz music.” – Bernice Atienza, SAS’19, Institute of Jazz Studies, pictured

“I modify data in Workflows, catalog books, and ship books.” – Hao Hwang, SOE’16, Technical and Automated Services

“A typical day of work at the LSM consists of pulling journals, shelving, and managing the front desk. Shelving is my favorite, for doing so has allowed me to discover many wonderful and intriguing genres to read! I think I have about 20 books currently checked out, which are the gems I've found while shelving.” – Dianne Le, SOE’17, Library of Science and Medicine, pictured

“I typically work during extended hours only. My tasks consist of checking IDs of students coming in, providing assistance to our patrons, properly handling library materials, doing head counts and gate counts, and making sure that all our patrons have left the library by 2 am.” – Jessica Jaw, SAS’16, Kilmer Library

“A typical day of work for me usually begins in the morning opening up the library. In the beginning and end of the semester things are usually very busy scanning articles, sending and receiving books to and from other libraries both inside and outside Rutgers and helping patrons check out materials and find resources for classes and research. I love helping people find information that they previously couldn't find or didn't know they had access to.” – Britney Truempy, SEBS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“The typical day of work involves working the front desk and assisting patrons. When not working the front desk, we pack up outgoing mail and discharge incoming mail. We also shelve books, shelf read, and do stack checks when there is downtime.” – Keanu Rajmohan, SOE’16, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“I am responsible for looking up location codes or scanning and sending articles. In addition, I also check the inventory of the stacks.” – Corinne Querijero, SAS’17, Library Annex, pictured

“In a nutshell, I pull books that have been placed on hold by other Rutgers libraries, and process and package them for shipping. I package books that have been requested by libraries outside of the Rutgers system, via PALCI, and process them for shipping. I scan books and/or articles that have been requested by other libraries or professors that are to be made available electronically.” – Patrick Horan, CCAS’16, Paul Robeson Library

“Every day at the library is different for me, that is one of the things I love most about my job. Usually there are scanning requests and books that need to get discharged, which is what I do first. Depending on what needs to get done I could be shelving, barcoding, cataloging, mailing out books, shredding, or doing inventory. Some days I would work on something completely new like editing a spreadsheet of the storage stacks or organizing a special collection. So I am constantly learning new things about the library and being taught how to do new tasks.” – Marium Khalid, SOE’18, Library Annex, pictured

“As a senior worker, I mostly spend my time at the circulation desk, carrying out tasks that newer workers have not yet been trained to do. In addition, I am currently one of the few students educated in the Superintendent of Documents and United Nations classification systems and therefore also help to manage the Government Documents collection.” – Lakhram Bhisham, SAS’16, Alexander Library, pictured

“Usually, I receive an hour of shelving or shelf reading per three hours of work. Books (EZ-Borrow and interlibrary loans) from other libraries come in during the night shift, which I help sort out.” – Ziping Liu, PHARM’19, Library of Science and Medicine

Join us tomorrow as we ask our student workers to recall an extraordinary experience that they’ve had while working at the Libraries.