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Spotlight on Student Workers: Day 2

April 12, 2016

In celebration of National Library Week and National Student Employment Week, we will be turning the spotlight over to our student workers from libraries throughout the university. This series will explore their perspectives on their work, the Libraries, and what makes them special people. Join us in thanking them for all they do for the Libraries!

Describe an extraordinary experience you may have had at the Libraries. What happened or what project were you working on that made it so special?

“A guy that came in believed that the library was a coffee shop and asked for coffee, and I had to tell him that this was a library and that we don't make coffee.” – Corinne Querijero, SAS’17, Library Annex, pictured

“A great experience would be that I got to know more about the ex-Physics coworkers and the new freshmen coming in through the merging of the Physics and Math Libraries. We shifted and shelved books from the Physics Library. It was a lot of work, but the teamwork made it happen. Our library looks really nice and organized afterwards.” – Hoang Tran, SOE’18, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“On one seemingly routine day, a professor came in to pick up a book he had on hold. I realized from seeing his ID card that I had read his research before, and was very intrigued by it. He saw how interested I was in what he was researching so he invited me to come to the team research meetings, and now I am officially part of his research team!” – Dianne Le, SOE’17, Library of Science and Medicine, pictured

“My favorite experience I've had at Kilmer was during a special event we held, where we provided pumpkins for our patrons to decorate. I thought it was a great stress-busting idea, and I had a lot of fun decorating pumpkins with my friends and coworkers.” – Jessica Jaw, SAS’16, Kilmer Library

“I worked on this project called the Jazz Oral History Project where I did audio matching. So, I had to listen to tapes of the interview, then match the duration to the pages of the transcripts and record it. I have to say, it was a very interesting and amusing experience for me because I was able to listen to the interviews about the life stories of some famous jazz musicians. How inspiring it was to hear how they started and the struggles they had to go through during their early careers before they succeeded!” – Bernice Atienza, SAS’19, Institute of Jazz Studies

“I was taught how to repair damaged books. This includes repairing broken spines, gluing pages back in, fixing ripped pages, etc. I think that this is a cool experience to have had.” – Rachel Paglia, CCAS’17, Paul Robeson Library

“I served as a Twitter intern for a semester. This experience introduced me to a subject so different from my own two majors and gave me a glimpse into what a career in communications might entail.” – Lakhram Bhisham, SAS’16, Alexander Library, pictured

“Although it's not a specific experience, the friendships I have made at Alexander have honestly had the most effect on me. The people with whom I interact most, whom I seek out to study with, are predominantly co-workers from Alexander Library, and they have become some of my closest friends at Rutgers. And through these friendships with not only my co-workers but also the staff members, Alexander has become like my second home at Rutgers.” – Irene Martinez, SAS’17, Alexander Library

“Weird things happen at the library, especially during finals. I've seen students bring their sleeping bags into the library... So that's interesting.” – Giselle Hernandez, SAS’16, Alexander Library

Join us tomorrow as we ask our student workers why they think the Libraries are important to Rutgers University.