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Spotlight on Student Workers: Day 3

April 13, 2016

In celebration of National Library Week and National Student Employment Week, we will be turning the spotlight over to our student workers from libraries throughout the university. This series will explore their perspectives on their work, the Libraries, and what makes them special people. Join us in thanking them for all they do for the Libraries!

From your perspective, why are the Libraries important to Rutgers University?

“The library is an important part of any college campus, but the ones at Rutgers are particularly exceptional. With such a long and rich history, each library is full of resources and it is impossible to not find what you are looking for. Also, each library has its own personality and aura so there is somewhere for every type of person to go.” – Amanda Duerkes, SEBS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“Libraries are more than just a wealth of information to share but also an important part of building a community.” – Aurora Morton, SAS’17, Library Administration

“The libraries are important to Rutgers University because they are still the center of learning and research on campus outside of the classroom. The library is the place where students get together to study, work on projects, and to just meet with friends. It is a place of recreation where one can go and read a book or put on some headphones and listen to music or watch a movie. I personally see the library as a refuge where a person can get away from the busy, loud world outside.” – Patrick Horan, CCAS’16, Paul Robeson Library

“I really do believe the Libraries are an amazing resource. Rutgers is such a large university with so many books and texts so it’s important for students to understand how they can access the specific information they need.” – Marium Khalid, SOE’18, Library Annex, pictured

“As a student worker, I just love the environment; knowing that I and my fellow colleagues can help provide a peaceful and supportive space to do work is an amazing gift.” – Noor Meky, SAS’17, Art Library, pictured

“The library is important to Rutgers–Newark because it is the center of education and information. It is the place where you can study and find interesting books for personal reading or research. It always amazes me how much and how many books the Dana Library has.” – Veronica Joy Dolfo, RBS’16, John Cotton Dana Library

“There are great librarians that enjoy assisting students on how to go about researching using the Rutgers Libraries.” – Chrissto Canales, SAS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“We simply would not get through our classes without the libraries. How would anyone even begin a research paper without library materials? This school is a top research institution. Without the library, there's no research. And we have such an amazing system at Rutgers–whatever materials you need, we will figure out how to get it.” – Giselle Hernandez, SAS’16, Alexander Library

Join us tomorrow as we ask our student workers for their take on misconceptions about the Libraries.