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Spotlight on Student Workers: Day 4

April 14, 2016

In celebration of National Library Week and National Student Employment Week, we will be turning the spotlight over to our student workers from libraries throughout the university. This series will explore their perspectives on their work, the Libraries, and what makes them special people. Join us in thanking them for all they do for the Libraries!

What misconceptions did you have about the Libraries before working here, or what misconceptions do you think others may have about the Libraries?

“I think a common misconception that others have about the Libraries is that the only information available to them is the information physically there in the library. Through my time at the library I have helped many patrons who were unaware of our interlibrary loans, PALCI program, or digital articles. Many patrons do not know that even if Rutgers does not have what they are looking for, Rutgers will have it sent here for them to use.” – Britney Truempy, SEBS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“I was actually told that working in a library would just involve sitting at a desk all day, just helping people check out books, but for me that’s one of the smallest parts of my job. I did not expect to see how much problem solving and critical thinking I would be doing that I am actually able to apply to my engineering courses.” – Marium Khalid, SOE’18, Library Annex, pictured

“Many believe that libraries are always quiet and have to be completely quiet everywhere inside. However, they do not realize that in the libraries there are many areas where you may speak. Many students use this to work in teams for classes that might have group projects or simply as a place where they can chat every now and then as a break from studying.” – Giovanni Valle, RBS, SC&I’16, Kilmer Library

“I initially thought that I was not going to have many challenges, yet I have learned many lessons here that I probably would not have any place else. To be a successful librarian or library assistant, organization is so crucial. I feel that shelving and hunting for ‘lost’ books on dozens of shelves has conditioned me to be very precise with having things in order and in the right place.” – Dianne Le, SOE’17, Library of Science and Medicine, pictured

“Many students are not aware of the amount of resources that are provided to them by the libraries, such as requesting scanned journals online, or books that are interlibrary loans.” – Chrissto Canales, SAS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“I used to think that libraries are magically organized for some reason. Now I know why.” – Mickey Chen, SAS’18, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“Libraries and the people who work there tend to have the reputation of being lifeless, boring and dull. However, the opposite is true, especially at Rutgers Libraries. Here, they function as a hub where people come to converse and exchange ideas. There's always something happening!” – Lakhram Bhisham, SAS’16, Alexander Library, pictured

“Other people walk in and assume the library is a dull place where people just come and read dusty books and work. I have seen the library used for entertainment, gaming, music creation and software editing, group projects and group hangouts, quiet study areas, and so much more.” – Rohith Putcha, SAS’16, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“Before working at Rutgers I never knew about the interlibrary loans and the EZ-Borrow system. I find it very convenient that you can order any book and pick it up at your most convenient library. It is very helpful that students can also borrow books from libraries of other colleges.” – Sara Hazaveh, SEBS’18, Chang Library, pictured

“Working in the library is serious technical stuff. It takes a lot of effort to put everything together and maintain order. I never thought that books and media sources needed so much care.” - Christina Asumadu, NCAS’18, Institute of Jazz Studies, pictured

Join us tomorrow as we ask our student workers about their interests outside of work.