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Spotlight on Student Workers: Day 5

April 15, 2016

In celebration of National Library Week and National Student Employment Week, we will be turning the spotlight over to our student workers from libraries throughout the university. This series will explore their perspectives on their work, the Libraries, and what makes them special people. Join us in thanking them for all they do for the Libraries!

Describe an interest, talent, or hobby that you have outside of work. How did you develop this interest and why is it important to you?

“In my spare time, I sing, read, write poetry, and repair faulty tools. I am a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Garden State LSAMP, and the Educational Opportunity Fund.” - Christina Asumadu, NCAS’18, Institute of Jazz Studies, pictured

“I love service. I have been doing community service since I was a freshman in high school starting out with nursing homes speaking with people there, and playing games with some of them as well as Rutgers University Alternative Breaks. I first developed this interest because I saw how happy the sickly or elderly people were in the nursing homes whenever I went there to spend time with them. This is important because I believe that many in this world do not have equal opportunities, and I want to contribute to making this world a fairer place.” – Giovanni Valle, RBS, SC&I’16, Kilmer Library

“I am the Cinema Studies Section Leader in Demarest Hall, which means that I discuss film in the residence hall. I have always had an interest in film and I enjoy being Section Leader because I love seeing people get together to talk about this subject and project their own ideas.” – Corinne Querijero, SAS’17, Library Annex, pictured

“I like to learn languages and currently work on Chinese. I think knowing multiple languages helps you connect and communicate with different people better.” – Hoang Tran, SOE’18, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“I rock run, climb, do parkour, and I am a part of Women in Information Technology and Informatics (WITI). I support women entering into the technology field.” – Rohith Putcha, SAS’16, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“I am currently doing research in bioinformatics under Dr. Li Cai and his research group. Specifically we are looking at several genes and how their regulation affects neurological disorders like autism in mice. I recently started working on his team but I have really learned a lot and it has been especially rewarding applying everything I have learned in class to the research.” – Marium Khalid, SOE’18, Library Annex, pictured

“One of my interests outside of work is ballroom dancing. Ballroom is important to me because it's a fun and interesting hobby I can learn with friends while it also helps clear my mind of the stress from being in school.” – Keanu Rajmohan, SOE’16, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“I like watching Doctor Who and pretending to be British. I'm awful at a British accent, but love for the Doctor became such a constant theme at the Art Library that half of us started a club, TARDIS! It's a club that is pretty much formed at the Art Library by Art Library workers with the Art Librarian as a supervisor, and meets inside the Art Library–you could say that we are pretty much a part of the Art Library.” – Noor Meky, SAS’17, Art Library, pictured

“Outside of work I am the president of the Rutgers University Meteorology Club for the 2016-2017 Academic Year, and for two years before that I was the Meteorology Club's Media Forecaster and SEBS Governing Council Meteorology Major Representative. I have also been a member of RUTV's WeatherWatcher program since my freshman year where each week I am responsible for RUTV television forecasts as well as WRSU radio forecasts.” – Britney Truempy, SEBS’17, Chang Library, pictured

“I am part of a club known as M.O.Ms (My Outreach Mission), where we as a group do community service whether it be by having food drives and then distributing the food, or going to New York during the winter where we give people clothing for the harsh weather. It helped open my mind to the reality that we live in, knowing that there are people who have it rough and are grateful for all the help they receive.” – Marvin Funes, SOE’19, Mathematical Sciences and Physics Library

“Outside of work I am a member of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc., a Latin sorority on campus. Within the sorority I am able to serve my community with my sisters, express my passion for dance along with them in showcases, and always grow more as a professional young lady with support from them.” – Chrissto Canales, SAS’17, Chang Library, pictured

Thank you to all of the exceptional student workers who were nominated to participate in this series: Megan Aponte, Christina Asumadu, Bernice Atienza, Lakhram Bhisham, Frank Brown, Chrissto Canales, Alex Carrigan, Mickey Chen, Shamar Cummings, Amanda Deptula, Omotayo Dickson, Veronica Joy Dolfo, Amanda Duerkes, Marvin Funes, Sara Hazaveh, Giselle Hernandez, Patrick Horan, Hao Hwang, Luis Infante, Jessica Jaw, Marium Khalid, Dianne Le, Lucy Lescota, Ziping Liu, Irene Martinez, Noor Meky, Samaa Mohamed, Aurora Morton, Rachel Paglia, Janki Patel, Rohith Putcha, Corinne Querijero, Keanu Rajmohan, Zachary Torrey, Hoang Tran, Marissa Trinidad, Britney Truempy, and Giovanni Valle.