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Teaching Data in Mongolia

March 26, 2018
Ryan teaching

Womack in discussion with T. Suvdmaa during the statistical methods seminar. Credit: B. Ganchimeg.

Ryan speaking

He also met with undergraduates to discuss trends in data science. Photo: B. Ganchimeg.

Data librarian Ryan Womack was recently invited to the Mongolian University of Life Sciences’ School of Economics and Business, where he taught a weeklong seminar on applied multivariate statistical methods using R, a software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

In addition to leading the seminar, which drew participants from schools across the university as well as Mongolian governmental offices, the agenda for the trip included meetings to discuss improvements to the academic and data infrastructure of the university and a conversation about trends in data science with undergraduate statistics majors:

I argued that the expansion in the power and availability of open source software and data has made it possible for anyone, from Mongolia or even the United States (where there are arguably more distractions) to study and master the tools and skills that underpin the most dynamic growth sectors for future jobs.  

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