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From Tiny Books to Hand-Crafted Books, The New Jersey Book Arts Symposium Videos Are Now Available

March 10, 2017
tiny book video still

A still from a tiny book video from Amy Tingle and Maya Stein of Creativity Caravan, Nutley NJ.

Street Angels by Shellie Jacobson

"I got an idea right away. I was...just going to write and write and write and write and then sew...This is Street Angels."--Shellie Jacobson. Inspired by a book and an exhibit called Demons and Angels that the artist saw in Israel. Still from video.

The video presentations from the most recent New Jersey Book Arts Symposium--From Here to . . . There: Concept and Technique in Artists' Books--are now available for immediate viewing in RUCore.

Morning session:
Afternoon session:

These presentations include lavishly illustrated slide talks by 6 artists (Aileen Bassis, Shellie Jacobson, Heidi Neilson, Ali Osborn, Robin Price and Miriam Schaer), 2 readings by artists who write their own books (MaryAnne L. Miller and Lois Morrison), and a concluding summation by Judith K. Brodsky, artist and founder of the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions. Enjoy!

The New Jersey Book Arts Symposium is an annual daylong event on the first Friday in November that presents contemporary work by living New Jersey book artists and considers issues of current relevance to practitioners within the field of the book arts, and to the cultural perception and definition of The Book. Besides its distinctive focus on New Jersey, the NJBAS also distinguishes itself by looking at work in all aspects of the book arts--the ongoing practice of traditional arts, such as typography, book-binding, paper-making, calligraphy, illustration and book-design, alongside the innovative production of "artists' books," "bookworks" or "book objects." As well as showcasing the work of contemporary artists, the NJBAS includes panel discussions and academic papers on the history-(ies) of the book.