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Updated computer workstations at Alexander, Kilmer, and Art Libraries

January 30, 2015
Updated workstations at Kilmer Library

Updated workstations at Kilmer Library

Update:  The Libraries are pleased to announce that workstations in the Art Library were similarly upgraded at the beginning of the spring 2015 semester.

Thanks to a workstation replacement project carried out by the Libraries’ Integrated Information Systems (IIS) staff, members of the Rutgers student community can now enjoy access to newer, more powerful computers and increased work space in labs at both Alexander Library and Kilmer Library.

All of the older workstations, both in the electronic resources room at Alexander Library and the first floor computer lab at Kilmer Library, that were running the Windows XP operating system have been replaced with newer, All-In-One workstations featuring the Windows 7 operating system.  These updated computers are faster and sport much larger screens, while the consolidated All-In-One design allows for additional study space at each table.

Especially since the replacements were made in the midst of the semester, this project required careful planning and coordination between the IIS PC Technicians, the Unit Computing Specialists at Alexander Library and Kilmer Library, and IIS student workers.  As a result of their efforts, the transition was made very quickly, requiring only about a day of downtime at each lab to complete the installations.  Moreover, old network wiring, power cables, and other paraphernalia were replaced, power strips were mounted to the tables, and cable management systems were utilized to give the labs a more refined and orderly appearance.

The Libraries are very grateful to IIS and the Office of Academic Affairs for their roles in bringing this project to fruition.