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OVID OLDMEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine's online data of approximately 1,700,000 citations to articles from international biomedical journals covering the fields of medicine, preclinical sciences and allied health sciences from 1951 through 1965. In 1964, NLM began using the computerized MEDLARS® (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) system as a mechanism for producing Index Medicus® (IM). In 1971, MEDLARS went online with the introduction of MEDLINE®, an interactive searchable database of data from the 1966 Index Medicus forward. The 1964 and 1965 issues of Index Medicus, while available in electronic form, were not included in MEDLINE because of format differences. In the mid-1990s, NLM was assisted in its effort to provide online access to these older citations by the Deutsches Institut fur Medizinische Dokumentation und Information (DIMDI), the International MEDLARS Center in Germany. DIMDI had tapes of the original data from the 1964 and 1965 Cumulative Index Medicus (CIM), which they had converted and then supplied to NLM to create OLDMEDLINE in 1996. The citations from the 1960 - 1963 CIM and the 1951 - 1959 Current List of Medical Literature (CLML) were converted into machine-readable form and added to OLDMEDLINE during the past six years.


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