3D Printing

3d printed giraffe3d printed fly3d printed bracelet3d printed blue bunny

FabLab/Makerspace (New Brunswick)

Stop by the Media Center inside Douglass Library or make an appointment with Stacey Carton (848-932-5042 or sacarton@libraries.rutgers.edu). We'll provide you with the cost for printing your project and set up a printing appointment. Printing costs are $ .25/gram, rounded up to the nearest dollar. Please bring exact change for cash transactions. Students can also use RU Express accounts to pay for printing.

See the guide for more information about the FabLab/Makerspace.

3D Lab (Newark)

3D printing is available to students, staff, and faculty. The lab is managed by Newark's Office of Information Technology. Visit OIT's 3D printing page for more information.