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Kerry O'Rourke

Kerry O'Rourke
Campus Library Director
Director, Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences
Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences
1 RWJ Place, PO Box 19
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Kerry O'Rourke's picture

Kerry O’Rourke is Campus Library Director at Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences and Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  Kerry completed her undergraduate education at the University of Scranton and completed a Master in Library Science at Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey. Ms. O'Rourke administers the Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences, providing academic support to the education, clinical and research programs on the New Brunswick/ Piscataway campus.



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Nadeau,  Marissa; O’Rourke, Kerry A., Saks, Norma. Teaching Patients to Effectively Utilize the Internet for Healthcare Information. MedEdPORTAL  iCollaborative: https://www.mededportal.org/icollaborative/resource/2193

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Kim S., Willett L.R., Murphy D.J., O’Rourke K., Sharma R., Shea J.A. (2008) Impact of an evidence-based medicine curriculum on resident use of electronic resources: A randomized controlled study.  Journal of General Internal Medicine, 23(11):1804-8. 

Cohn, J.S., O’Rourke, K.A., Volesko, M.M.  (2004) Transferring group licensing skills from an academic consortial  model to a statewide association of hospital libraries. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, 1(2): 9-19. 


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O’Rourke, Kerry A.; Cupryk, Robert. UMDNJ Libraries’ Clinical Portal: Providing Scholarly Healthcare Information at the Point of Care, presented at Technopolooza: Getting in Sync with Expert Googling, Clinical Portals, Open URLs, Blogging and More!, sponsored by the Health Science Library Association of New Jersey, December 7, 2005

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I have more than thirty years experience in health science librarianship including teaching, presenting and publishing on the topic of evidence based practice search and appraisal skills.   I co-chaired  a task force that developed an online tutorial for the Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Educational Affaits (GEA) Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Program.  The online turotial complements the MERC course 'Searching and Evaluating the Medical Education Literature'. I also contribute to the DiME (Distinction in Medical Education) program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as a lecturer, mentor and a member of the review and selection committee.  

Along with faculty at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School,  I developed a medical education research review service, DR MERL (http://drmerl.wordpress.com/).  Dependable Reviews of Medical Education Research Literature (DR MERL) was developed to provide Robert Wood Johnson Medical School teaching faculty with succinct reviews of medical education research in order to keep up to date on the medical education literature.  We expanded our reach to medical educators throughout the country after receiving endorsement from the Northeast Group on Education Affairs (NEGEA).   In 2013 I was awarded  Excellence in Medical Education, Best Short Communication, CME, for a prentation on DR MERL at the NEGEA Educational Retreat.

I'm currently working with colleagues at RWJMS and Penn State Hersehy Medical School to develop an validate a new EBM tool to assess student and practitioner competence in evidnece-based medicine.

I'm a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals and a member of the RBHS Stuart D. Cook, M.D. Master Educators' Guild.