Sarah Jewell

Sarah Jewell

Information & Education Librarian; Rm.C917
Librarians, George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences
George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences
30 12th Ave.
Newark, NJ 07101
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  • Panel participant on New Roles in Medical Librarianship at 2017 NY-NJ MLA Chapter of MLA Annual Meeting, 2017 Oct 17.
  • Panel participant at Systematic Searching LIVE, Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, 2017 May.
  • Co-developed and co-taught a CE course for MLA on Managing a Systematic Review Service with Diana Delgado, 2016 Oct 19.
  • Lightning talk on the Rutgers University Libraries’ systematic review service at the MLA Tri-chapter meeting in Philadelphia, 2016 Sep.
  • Mobile Collection Development Policy. METRO, New York. 2015 May 26.
  • Panel participant for Librarians Collaborating to Produce Systematic Reviews: Project Launch to Publication. Medical Library Association. 2014 April 16.
  • iPads for Medicine. Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx Health Sciences Library (BQSI/MB). 2013 March 5 and 8.
  • Making the Most of Medical Apps. Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx Health Sciences Librarians (BQSI/MB). 2012 November 16.
  • Panel participant for Trends in Mobile Medicine. METRO, New York. 2011 October 26.
  • Medical Mobile Apps. Denali Oncology Group (Alaska). 2011 March 26.
  • Medical Information on the Internet. Westchester Cancer Support Team. 2011 Feb 10.
  • Virtual Librarianship Colloquium. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. 2010 Apr 14.
  • Medical Info to Go. Handheld Librarian Conference; virtual conference. 2010 Feb 17-18.


  • Jewell S. Medical Humanism: Teaching Poetry to Internal Medicine Residents. Poster session at Rutgers University: State of the Libraries; 2017 Dec 6. New Brunswick, NJ.
  • Jewell S, Ghajar M. Improving Health Information Habits with Motivational Interviewing. Poster session at Rutgers University: State of the Libraries; 2016 Dec 7. New Brunswick, NJ.
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