Tibor Purger

Tibor Purger

Director of Integrated Information Systems
Integrated Information Systems, Technical and Automated Services
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Technical and Automated Services
Libraries Technical Services Building
47 Davidson Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-5603
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The Libraries' information technology professionals serve the entire Rutgers community: students, professors, researchers, librarians, staff, and the public of New Jersey. The Integrated Information Systems unit in the Technical and Automated Services department of the Libraries manages the Rutgers Libraries Catalog, the RUcore institutional repository, several dozen websites, the integrated library management system, access to hundreds of online databases, and many other solutions you rely on in your everyday work. Our main goal is to continuously increase the availability of all these resources and make such access as easy and user-friendly as possible. 

I am honored to to lead a wonderful team that has recently made major improvements to the Libraries' information technology infrastructure, put in place a new, centralized videoconferencing system, had a backup generator put in place to secure uninterrupted power to our data center during grid failures, and completely redesigned the RUL website. I am also grateful for the opportunity to be affiliated with Rutgers's Department for Political Science in the School of Arts and Sciences.


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I've lived the life of a senior information technology (IT) professional for 20+ years, gathering experience and continuously increasing management responsibilities in higher education (Rutgers University), at a world-class nonprofit research organization (The Brookings Institution), and in a major publishing house (Forum Publishers). Created and successfully implemented strategic plans and secured cutting-edge results under challenging conditions and budget constraints. Brought together diverse-interest communities to implement first-of-a-kind technology solutions in outreach, online presence as well as in printed and electronic media. I love to anticipate, invoke, and manage change, to find and apply new solutions, and to motivate technology implementation in cross-functional, multi-cultural environments. I strive in combining information technology, political science research, and management expertise to contribute to finding inventive solutions, secure reconciliation of needs, interests, and resources in public and private academic environments. I am proud of having envisioned and spearheaded early computerization in a large commercial publishing house in Central Europe.


I came to Rutgers from the Brookings Institution (Washington, DC) where I had spent 16 years in various roles, starting as a research programmer assigned to, and later directing, national surveys related to the American education system (higher education and charter schools). For many years I taught statistical methods to social scientists just out of graduate school. I established the Brookings website in late 1994 (when most everyone considered it just another toy for tech types), and directed it as it grew into a multimillion dollar operation by 2009.

In parallel with my tenure at Brookings, I also worked as a White House correspondent during the Balkan Wars for Radio Free Europe's South Slavic Service (in Serbian). I have created several documentaries (including one on the Pueblo Nations and a 2x56-minute film on Charles Simonyi, the former Microsoft Chief Engineer and the only private space traveler who made two trips to the International Space Station)  for Duna Television, a Hungarian-speaking global, satellite-based channel. Since 1991, I have maintained a Sunday column in Magyar Szó, a Hungarian-language daily newspaper published in Novi Sad (Vojvodina, Serbia).

At the outset of my career, I edited Új Symposion, an arts, letters, and social issues magazine published in the former Yugoslavia and well-known in Central Europe as the only venue where Western ideas of art, philosophy, and social thinking were freely printed in a major Hungarian-language publishing house, way before the 1989 wave of democratic transitions elsewhere in Eastern Europe.