About Course Reserves

Please note that we are not currently accepting requests for print/physical reserves. Please contact us if you need assistance requesting online reserves. 

Course reserves are materials that faculty make available to their students via the library; these are usually required or recommended course readings or audiovisual materials.

  • Physical (print or media) materials are placed on hold at a specific Rutgers library location for short-term loan (2 or 4 hours)
  • Electronic materials (scanned articles or chapters; direct links to library-licensed material; streaming media) are provided as links within QuickSearch
  • See Finding Course Reserves for help locating reserve materials in QuickSearch. Instructors may also place direct links on syllabi.

Information for Faculty

How do I submit reserve requests?

To submit a request for materials to be placed on reserve, complete the Reserve Request Form. This can accommodate up to 40 items for a single course and a single location; if you need to request more than 40 items, or to place requests for other courses or locations, please use separate forms. You can also indicate whether you need the item for in-class use on a specific day.

When do I need to submit reserve requests?

To ensure availability of material prior to the start of classes, please submit requests in advance:

  • Fall semester: submit by August 1
  • Spring semester: submit by December 1
  • Summer sessions: submit by May 1

It may take an additional 2-6 weeks to order, receive, and process new acquisitions for reserve.

Requests submitted during the first weeks of classes may be delayed due to the large volume of reserve processing at the beginning of each semester.
At the end of the term, physical materials are taken off reserve and returned to the circulating collection, and electronic materials are permanently deleted from University web servers. Personal copies are returned to the instructor's campus address.

What can I place on reserve?

Most materials can be placed on reserve (this commonly includes books, e-books, personal copies, DVDs, streaming media, journal articles, and book chapters). Students will be able to locate these by instructor's name, course name, or course number through the Course Reserves scope of QuickSearch.

Personal copies will be returned to the instructor's campus address. The Libraries are not responsible for damage or theft of personal copies.

Instructors are responsible for complying with copyright guidelines.

What if the Libraries do not already own the item?

Requests for the Libraries to purchase materials for reserve may be submitted through the reserves form. The Libraries will attempt to acquire your preferred format, but may not be able to do so in all cases.

What is the loan period for reserve materials?

The loan period for physical reserves is either 2 or 4 hours. Contact your local library to inquire about the availability of extended or overnight loan periods.

Who can use materials on reserve?

Physical materials are available for any library user to check out and use within the library. Access to electronic reserve documents, and off-campus access to e-books, is restricted to users with a valid Rutgers NetID. The number of simultaneous users for e-books may be limited.