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A Must-Do at RU

JazzTimes cover
Cover of JazzTimes, September 2010 issue

Ever since the 2007 breakthrough movie The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, people have been reminded to make a list of must-do activities before they die. It comes as no surprise then that in the 40th Anniversary issue of JazzTimes magazine there is a list of must-do activities for every jazz fan. This list of 40 dream experiences includes such items as:

Listen to every Miles Davis CD
Sit at the Tony Bennett table at the Blue Note
Visit the Village Vanguard
Listen to Wynton Marsalis jam in a hotel lobby

Most notably, however, is Visit the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers.

This dream comes true weekly for many people who visit the Institute of Jazz Studies, which is located on the 4th floor of the John Cotton Dana Library on the Newark campus of Rutgers University. The IJS, the world's largest jazz archive, contains countless fascinating artifacts of interest to both the jazz aficionado as well as the novice.

Scheduling a visit is easy: just call IJS at 973-353-5595 or visit the website:

Posted August 2010