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New Scanners in the Copy Room
New Scanners in the Copy Room.

Looking for a power outlet for your laptop, tablet, cell phone, and pager? Outlets will be easier to find in the weeks ahead as we double the number available throughout the building. The electricians started on the Lower Level last week and will make their way upstairs so look for posted signs and please pardon the noise. We will also be placing some new furniture close to the new electrical outlets later this semester.

During the summer, two of the copiers in the Copy Room on the First Floor were replaced with flatbed book and document scanners that will allow files to be saved to an USB drive or sent to an email account. Also, one set of bathrooms on the Second Floor was renovated with new tiles and fixtures, and fifteen PCs were networked for use in our second electronic classroom on the Lower Level.

There are several new faces in the library: Minglu Wang, Data Services Librarian, and Bonnie Fong, Physical Sciences Librarian as well as Peer Information Counselors Wagner Alcivar, Michael Jen, and Nichol Perez. If you are looking for help with R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata, Minglu is conducting workshops on statistical software and the peer information counselors will serve in an assistantship role to librarians who do instruction on library research for Rutgers-Newark courses, as well as enhancing the library's use of technology.

What else can you look forward to? The Institute of Jazz Studies will kick off its ewark Jazz Legacy Concert Series [ October 6 with Leo Johnson and the Jazz Elders. And October will also see the arrival of a new book by archivist Tad Hershorn of the IJS: Norman Granz: The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice (University of California Press).

Posted September 2010