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Rutgers Newark Faculty Publications
December 19, 2011 - February 13, 2012

Faculty publications
Some of the faculty publications on display.

The John Cotton Dana Library is currently hosting an exhibit of faculty authors' books from the past three years. The display brings much deserved attention to the 48 authors who represent all of the Campus's schools and colleges as well as the Robeson Gallery and Dana Library. The group includes two professors who are emeritus.

The seventy books cover a broad range of subjects from the arts, literature and language to the law, from municipal government and police science to the environment. They reflect faculty research as well as personal experience which are presented in both scholarly and popular voices. Contemporary issues such as gun violence, terrorism, animal rights, victims' rights, and LGBT lawsuits are explored by faculty from the School of Criminal Justice and the Law School. Other issues include racism in housing, the post 9/11 era in the U. S. and world politics. Policy research provided a focus for authors in economics, nursing and political science. Some books fit easily into a timeline of past, present and future with historical treatments of the Rutgers-Newark Law School and 19th century publishing to a series of papers on the future of governance.

While many of the publications incorporate faculty scholarship, several titles address the teaching function. One book includes teaching methods in public administration, another describes culturally responsive math education while two others delve into the sociology of education. Four books have been written for students as they provide a guide to writing in business and keys to success in nursing school. The remaining two titles in this group are texts for graduate students in nursing and public administration.

A complete list of faculty authors and their books from 2009 to 2012 is available as a PDF file.

Posted December 2011