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Rutgers-Newark Community-Based Learning Program

Aldo Civico
Dr. Aldo Civico,
Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
For the course: Urban Anthropology

Arturo Osorio
Dr. Arturo Osorio,
Department of Management and Global Business.
For the course: Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and Food Systems

Gretchen Van De Walle, Vanessa LoBue, and Paul Boxer
Drs. Gretchen Van De Walle, Vanessa LoBue, and Paul Boxer,
Department of Psychology.
For the course: Developmental Methods

Photographs were taken by Mark Papianni.

Rutgers-Newark has a long and impressive history of community engagement, represented by faculty and administrative initiatives and longstanding relationships with government agencies and the non-profit and corporate communities. Rutgers-Newark has been ranked among the Nation's Top 25 "Best Neighbor" Colleges and Universities.

A key aspect of the campus' community engagement has been the use of the many community assets in our courses. Formally known as Community-Based (or Service) Learning, this approach to teaching provides the opportunity for students to learn from the richness of the community beyond the campus.

The Office of Community-Based Learning was launched in order to provide support for existing and new courses that foster these types of learning experiences and encourage civic responsibility. The 2011-2012 recipients of the Community-Based Learning Grant Program were recently announced.

The Office of Community-Based Learning, based in the Office of the Assistant Chancellor and Library Director, John Cotton Dana Library, provides information on Community-Based Learning opportunities, including details on agencies, companies, and other organizations, which have participated in such learning experiences with Rutgers-Newark faculty.

Posted May 2012