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Jacqueline Serrano-Briones

Jackie Serrano-Briones
Jackie Serrano-Briones,
Office Assistant

Dana Library is proud to introduce a new member of the administrative team, Jacqueline Serrano-Briones. A Wall Street veteran, where she worked for the compliance company Financial Industry Regulatory Company (FINRA), Jackie's role as office assistant at Dana includes reception, managing purchase orders, assisting staff - and little compliance work, we should hope.

When Jackie was working for FINRA in the early 1990s, it was before its merger with the American Stock Exchange and still known as NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers. Unlike the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASD, now FINRA, is a non-governmental agency and one of the largest such private compliance firms. After merging with the New York Stock Exchange in 2007, Jackie's tenure with the company ended.

Her work there as an administrative assistant included checking customer compliance, member regulation, as well as compliance and enforcement of Wall Street firms to ensure and protect investor interest.

Jackie's previous work before helping "catch the bad guys," included a stretch of time at an attorney search firm and a real estate company. An urban dweller at heart, Jackie has always lived in busy cities. She prefers them to the suburbs, since she enjoys, "being at the center of things," she says.

For several years now Jackie's city of choice has been Newark, where she currently resides with her husband Dan and son Jay Stephen. Her son is a nursing student in his junior year at Rutgers-Newark, who can occasionally be seen in the library bringing lunch to his mother.

Although she has lived on the East Coast and in northern New Jersey since 1991, Jackie hails from the Philippines, where she graduated from college with a communication arts degree. In 1990, her family moved to Long Beach California, where she hopes someday to return.

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Posted September 2012