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New Jersey International Book Arts Symposium
The New Jersey INTERNATIONAL Book Arts Symposium was the seventh in a series of symposia on the book arts held at Rutgers University. As described elsewhere, "The New Jersey Book Arts Symposium is an annual day-long event in late fall that presents contemporary work by living New Jersey book artists and considers issues of current relevance to practitioners within the field of the book arts, and to the cultural perception and definition of The Book. Besides its distinctive continuing and exclusive focus on New Jersey, the NJBAS also distinguishes itself from similar events by its inclusivity. The NJBAS attempts to survey work in all aspects of the book arts--looking at the ongoing practice of traditional arts, such as typography, book-binding, paper-making, calligraphy, illustration and book-design, alongside the innovative production of "artists' books," "bookworks" and "book objects." Along with its attention to the work of contemporary artists, the NJBAS includes panel discussions and academic and scholarly papers on topics material to the history of the book arts."

Our first post-Millenial symposium (2001) focused on book arts abroard (outside the continental US), in part to take advantage of recent research by New Jersey book art scholars, such as Nancy Norton Tomasko's discoveries about Chinese papermaking and Pam Scheinman's investigations of book art in Oaxaca. In the past our morning program, in which New Jersey book artists talk about their work, has had a casual relationship to the scholarly/critical focus of the afternoon. But this year the richness and diversity within our state enabled us to invite foreign-born artists, such as Gerard Charriere and Ilse Schreiber-Noll, whose presentations reflected the artistic milieu in which they were reared and educated, and thus contextualized the international theme. Their presentations also helped to make the crucial general point that New Jersey's unique culture and traditions are constantly being enriched and expanded by the individuals who come from all over the globe to live and work here; and, whether they remain for only a short time, or for many years, they help to make New Jersey a living part of world culture.

In a sense, this year's Symposium "revisited" our first symposium, and its theme, spirit of place. But, then we were looking inwardly, for what nexus could be forged between doing book art and residing or working in New Jersey. This year, we were looking outwardly, not only to engage with the simile et multus, the links that enable us to identify with other peoples and places, but to engage with difference as well. There are of course many ways to evaluate the day's success. Merely going by the number of people who attended the event and the manifest excitement the event generated, we can agree with Lynn S. Mullins's opening remark, "things seem to be moving along for us nicely in the book arts." This website is an informal arrangement of photographs, texts and original sketches to broadly document the event and illustrate the nature of the Rutgers NJBAS Symposium.

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