small pop up butterfly The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro small pop up butterfly

Birds and the Bees

large pop up butterfly

The ultimate bug book: A unique introduction to the world of insects in fabulous, full-color pop-ups. [JPG 52K] By Luise Woelflein. Wendy Smith-Griswold, illustrator. James Roger Diaz, paper engineer. Produced by White Heat Ltd. Printed in Singapore. New York, An Artists & Writers Guild Book, 1993.
Description: 23 x 30 cm. 10 pages. Five complex, double-page pop-ups with tab-operated mechanicals. Detailed spreads examine and explain how insects live and reproduce, eat and defend themselves.This magnificent Mega Moth is shown life size, with wings which may measure 12 inches from tip to tip. Also on this page is a fabric "feely" spot simulating the hairs that cover the body of the moth. In some parts of Southeast Asia, the Walking Stick, shown at the base of the illustration, can grow to 12 inches or more in length.

reveals the larva growing into a young bee.

Animal homes. A National Geographic Action Book. [JPG 180K] Jeffrey Terreson, illustrator. Alice Jablonsky, writer. John Strejan, paper engineer. Printed in Colombia, South America. Washington, D.C., National Geographic Society, 1989.
Description: 24 x 24 cm. 12 pages. Text and illustrations depict animals building homes for protection and raising their young. Pictured here are bees making their hive. The queen bee is laying eggs in the wax rooms called cells. Lifting the cover from the cell marked "pupa" reveals the larva growing into a young bee. On the limb of the tree, two layers lift up to expose a moth sneaking into the honeycomb for honey. The large red blossom in the lower right corner has a tab which moves the bee into the flower to collect pollen. The National Geographic has produced about 20 books in the Action Book series.

pop-up of a Goliath beetle

The beetle. [JPG 126K] Dimensional Nature Portfolio Series. By Maria M. Mudd. Wendy Smith-Griswold, illustrator. James Diaz, paper engineer. Produced by White Heat Ltd. Printed in Singapore. New York, Stewart, Tabori and Chang, Inc., 1992.
Description: 23 x 32 cm. 14 pages 11 x 32 cm. One large pop-up of a Goliath beetle opens in the center of the book. Five smaller beetles pop-up from the informative text describing the life cycle of beetles.

huge black vulture pop-up

Majesty in flight: Nature's birds of prey in three dimensions. [JPG 104K] By Ron Van der Meer. Ivan Lapper, illustrator. Van der Meer Paper Design. Printed in Singapore. [New York], Abbeville Press, 1984.
Description: 20 x 30 cm. 12 pages. Four double-page pop-ups. The detailed text describes five birds of prey belonging to the order of Falconiformes. Life-like constructions focus on the Golden Eagle (with a wingspan opening in the book to16 inches), the Black Vulture,the Northern Harrier, and Peregrine Falcon. There is also a detachable model of a Kestrel that is ready to fly. The pop-up vulture shown here rises 7 inches off the pages. Found in southern Europe and Asia, this vulture is huge and sluggish and lives off of dead or dying animals.
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