banner decoration: pop up book with butterfly coming off teh page

The POP-UP World of Ann Montanaro

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Pop-Up Books: A History
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Past and Present (1884-1949): picture of a carnival ride: parachute drop Man, you gotta move! Images of Travel:  The Ford Trimotor, named by Admiral Richard Byrd the Floyd Bennett. is taking off from the Byrd Antarctic Expedition Birds and the Bees: image of a honey bee
Past and Present "Man, you gotta move! " Birds and the Bees
NOT For Children: a headshot of a bartender Traditional Tales Reconstructed: picture of little red riding hood The Miraculous and the Devout: pop out origami angel
NOT For Children Traditional Tales
The Miraculous and the
Fanciful Beasts: pink-winged creature is a Kissing Bug The Beautiful and the Bizarre: Beatles, All you need is love. Also has submarine and bus Entertaining (and Instructing) Children: picture from limerick Hannarh, caught in a flood in Montannah
Fanciful Beasts The Beautiful and the Bizarre Entertaining (and Instructing)