The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro

Fanciful Beasts

 pink-winged creature is the Kissing Bug

Love bugs. [JPG 42K] By David A. Carter. Produced by Intervisual Books, Inc. Printed and bound in China. New York, Little Simon, 1995. Description: 17 x 22 cm. 10 pages. Heart shaped cover. Various whimsical bugs -- Cupid bugs, Kissing bugs, Rosebugs -- pop out to express love. This pink-winged creature is the Kissing Bug. It proclaims "Being in love means lots of hugs..."

mouth of this growling lion

Wonderful Earth! [JPG 80K] By Nick Butterworth and Mike Inkpen. Paul Wilgress, paper engineer. Printed in Colombia. Alton Hants, England, 1993.
Description: 23 x 29 cm. 30 pages. God made the earth a wonderful place but we're spoiling it by chopping down the trees, filling the air with smoke, and poisoning the rivers and seas. Includes split pages, die-cut pages, lift-the-flaps, a revolving wheel and one large double-page pop-up. Look into the mouth of this growling lion.

 the thugs are watching
television while Sergeant Tibs (the cat) helps the puppies escape

Walt Disney pop-up picture story 101 dalmations. [JPG 98K] Printed in Czechoslovakia. Brown Watson, 1986.
Description: 20 x 26 cm. 12 pages. Text printed parallel to the spine. When Horace and Jasper steal the dalmation puppies for Cruella De Vil and only a daring rescue can set them free. In this simple pop-up the thugs are watching television while Sergeant Tibs (the cat) helps the puppies escape. The cat and dogs in the center of the illustration are on movable tab which slides out through the door. A turning wheel changes the picture on the tv set.

vivid pink monster. dragon-like

Monster Island. [JPG 87K] By Ron van der Meer. Atie van der Meer, assistant illustrator. Tor Lokvig and John Strejan, paper engineers. Produced by Intervisual Communications, Inc. Printed in Colombia, South America. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1981.
Description: 20 x 28 cm. 12 pages. Fred and Lucy vacation on a monster-filled island. Six large, fanciful double-page pop-ups with tab-operated mechanicals on each page. The scary, vivid pink monster shown here is only one of dozens rendered throughout the text. Other mechanicals on this page are activated by tabs. On the side is a tab which opens and closes a covering on a pit holding yet another monster. At the base of the page is a tab which, when pulled, finds Fred and Lucy hiding under a plant. A leaf-shaped flap opens to expose a bright yellow monster.

Dinosaurs at the Disco

Crazy dinosaurs. [JPG 121 K] A St Michael Pop-up. By Hutchings. Dick Dudley, designer. James Roger Diaz, paper engineer. Designed and produced by Intervisual Communications, Inc. Printed in Colombia, South America. Bristol, England, Purnell Books, 1983.
Description: 20 x 27 cm. 12 pages. The crazy dinosaurs are featured in six scenes: ‘Family Portrait," "School Days," "Hang-Gliding," "Petrol Station," "Dinosaur Disco," and "Train Station." Each scene has double-page pop-ups and tab-operated mechanicals used to illustrate the dinosaur activities. "Dinosaur Disco" features "Roy Orbisaurus," the "Tyrannasaurus Rex," "Bob Dylansaurus," and "Elvisaurus."

yellow bird carrying a satchel

I heard it from a little bird: A pop-up storybook. [JPG 88 K] By Arnold Shapiro. Dick Dudley, designer and paper engineer. Karin Williams, illustrator. Compass Productions. Printed in Colombia, South America. Hauppauge, New York, Barron's Educational Series, 1991.
Description: 21 x 27 cm. 12 pages. One little bird creates a big story when the prediction of rain becomes an impending winter blizzard. Six double-page pop-ups. The bag in this pop-up is suspended from the bird's claw and the wings flap as the pages are turned.
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