The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro pop up book: large pop up butterfly.

The Miraculous and the Devout

Moses with his outstretched hand, spraying waves, and the Egyptians being engulfed in the water in the background

Bible stories from the Old Testament in three dimensions [JPG 100K] Christos Kondeatis, designer, illustrator, and paper engineer. Printed in Colombia, South America. New York, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1991.
Description: 29 x 31 cm. 10 pages. Five scenes from the Old Testament: the Garden of Eden, the story of Noah, the Red Sea crossing, the story of David and Goliath, and the Tower of Babel. Five double-page, multilayered pop-ups. This spectacular pop-up of the parting of the Red Sea has all of the power of the tale, Moses with his outstretched hand, spraying waves, and the Egyptians being engulfed in the water in the background. The complex mechanical in the foreground has two double-sided horses pulling a chariot.

ceremony of confirmation is illustrated and described

Confirmation. Catechetical Scenes. [JPG 43K] By M. Coerezza. Hong Kong, Salesian Catechetical Centre, 1957.
Description: 14 x 19 cm. 44 pages. Twenty stand-up scenes, each printed parallel to the spine, describe the inspirational text printed at the base of each illustration. In this representation, "The Outward Rite", the ceremony of confirmation is illustrated and described.

origami-like pop-up angel

The Christmas alphabet [JPG 94K] Robert Sabuda, designer and paper engineer. Produced by White Heat Ltd. Printed and hand assembled in Colombia, South America. New York, Orchard Books, 1994.
Description: 20 x 26 cm. 14 pages. On a white background, each of the pages has two 9 x 13 cm. colored, rectangular cards. The cards open to reveal beautifully constructed, origami-like objects depicting each of the letters of the alphabet. All of the pop-ups are white except for letter W which is a stained glass window, and letter X which is illustrated with red and white candy canes for xmas.

soldiers, led by Judahthe Maccabee, set the Hebrews free

My first little Hanukkah pop-up book. [JPG 92K] By Carol Gildar. Produced by Compass Productions.Printed in Singapore. New York, Cartwheel Books, 1994.
Description: 17 x 17 cm. 12 pages. Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights is celebrated on these pages by pulling a tab to light the menorah, watching the soldiers fight for freedom, spinning the dreidel, and opening gift boxes. Four double-page pop-ups and tab-operated mechanicals. The soldiers pictured here, led by Judah, the Maccabee, set the Hebrews free. This book has a companion volume, My first little Christmas pop-up book.

Saul thanking David

The good world God made/David the shepherd who becomes king. [JPG 95K] Turn-around Pop-up Book. By Marjie Mehlis. Borje Svensson, illustrator. John Strejan, designer. Tor Lokvig, paper engineer. Printed in Colombia, South America. Elgin, Illinois, David C. Cook Publishing Co., [197-?].
Description: 26 cm. 10 pages. Two separate works appear in this book and can be read front to back by turning the book upside down. The stones shown in the paving on this side of the picture become stones in the water in the Garden of Eden setting.
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