The Pop-Up World of Ann Montanaro

The Beautiful and the Bizarre

Prince Charles and Lady Diana with Prince William crawling

The royal family pop-up book. [JPG 169K] By Patrick Montague-Smith. Roger Payne, illustrator. Vic Duppa-White, paper engineer. Printed in Colombia, South America. [New York], Bounty Books, 1984.
Description: 22 x 31 cm. 12 pages. Six scenes showing the British Royal Family: a barbecue at Balmoral Castle; the balcony of Buckingham Palace the day of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana; a trip to Ayres Rock, Australia; Prince William crawling; a barbecue in Fort Edmonton, Canada; and a horse-drawn coach arriving to open Parliament. Six double-page pop-ups with tab-operated mechanicals. "The Royal Crawlabout" shows Prince William's first chance to perform for the press. Moving the tab on the right produces very life-like action, Charles' head moves from side to side, he swings the toy and Wills arms and legs move as he crawls towards it. The tab on Diana's page moves her arm as she points to Wills.

Hey Jude with yellow submarine

The Beatles: Musical pop-up. [JPG 90K] Concept by Rob Burt and Michael Wells. Mike Peterkin and Pete Campbell, illustrators. Ian Honeybone, paper engineer. Printed in Colombia, South America. New York, Bonanza Pop Up, 1985.
Description: 22 x 30 cm. 10 pages. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are shown at five periods during their performing career as the Beatles. Four multilayered, double-page pop-ups. Tab-operated mechanicals give additional action to the pop-ups. A musical microchip on the final page features the song "Hey Jude." Pictured here is "All you need is love" from 1967, the "summer of love." A rotating wheel on the left moves the yellow submarine while the one on the right moves the eyes of the fans in front of the bus. As the tab on the left is pulled the Maraharishi appears from under a cloud.

Hulk leaps off the pages smashing the water tower to put out the fire

Stan Lee presents the Incredible Hulk pop-up book. [JPG 140K] John Strejan and Chuck Murphy, designers. Tor Lokvig, paper engineer. Produced for the Marvel Comics Group by Dave Kraft, Jim Salicrup, Bob Budiansky, Herb Trimpe, Mike Esposito, Paty, and Janice Cohen. Produced by Intervisual Communications, Inc. Printed in Colombia, South America. s.l., Marvel Comics Group, 1980.
Description: 20 x 28 cm. 12 pages. When Firebrand sets the bank on fire, the Incredible Hulk comes to the rescue. Two double-page pop-ups and tab-operated mechanicals. In this illustration the Hulk leaps off the pages smashing the water tower to put out the fire.

Elijah is pictured here being fed by the ravens with more than the Biblical bread and flesh

The Bible beasties. [JPG 92K] By Babette Cole and Ron Van der Meer. Produced by Van der Meer Books. Manufactured in China. New York, HarperCollins, 1993.
Description: 21 x 27 cm. 14 pages. A droll interpretation of the Old Testament stories of Jonah and the whale, the prophet Elijah, the plagues, Daniel in the lion's den, and Noah and the ark. This may be the only pop-up book where you will actually find a pop-up God complete with a shirt monogrammed "Big G." The pictures give just a hint of the complete story, but hidden under a flap on each page is a Biblical reference to the chapter where the text can be found. Elijah is pictured here being fed by the ravens with more than the Biblical "bread and flesh." As the tab is pulled at the base of the left page, Elijah raises the cupcake to his mouth, his teeth and tongue move inside his mouth, and the raven flaps his wing. Other foods spread out for him are "Elijah's baked beans with chilli sauce," "Elijah's whole bran," Elijah's mushy peas," and Elijah's pickles." See I Kings, Chapter 17 for the official version.

image of a princess

Barbara Cartland's princess to the rescue. [JPG 124K] By Barbara Cartland. Jane Longmore, illustrator. Printed in Colombia, South America. New York, Franklin Watts, 1984.
Description: 19 x 27 cm. 12 pages. While searching for the Elixir of Life to save her sick mother, a princess meets the Man Who Speaks to the Moon, the King of the Sea, and the Prince of Goblins. Five simple, double-page pop-ups and tab-operated mechanicals. The queen is saved by the magic concoction and awakens to sanction the marriage of the princess and the Prince of Light.
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