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Renovated Douglass Library Reopens

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Wide view of the new Information Commons at the Douglass Library.
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Douglass College first year student Amy Sunderhauf studies in one of the comfortable arm chairs in the new Information Commons.
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Libraries student worker Tonya Jones, a Douglass College sophmore, works at the Information Services desk in the new Information Commons.

It is with pleasure that the Rutgers University Libraries announce the opening of the newly renovated sections of the Douglass Library.

Patrons will enter the library into a beautiful new rotunda, infused with natural light from a new skylight, and proceed by two art galleries and into an Information Commons. The Commons has wireless technology for patron laptop use as well as a group study room with a plasma monitor for work with a laptop. The Commons contains the RUCS computer labs contiguous with the library computers, enabling students to easily go from conducting research using library electronic resources to creating their papers using data packages or word processing programs on the RUCS computers.

The Commons has an Information Services desk for patrons needing assistance, several wired workstations, and a variety of seating including sofas, armchairs, rocking chairs, high stools and two sets of banquette seating for group work. The Mezzanine also provides wired workstation tables and has a newly created graduate student area with assigned carrels.

This renovation is Phase I of the total renovation of the building as conceived in the concept document - D21: the Douglass Library for the 21st Century (D21). Primarily funded by the State of New Jersey's Higher Education Capital Improvement Program, the renovation also improved the infrastructure of the building, adding a new roof, heating and cooling system, sprinkler system, fire alarm and PA system, and an upgrading of the electrical and data wiring systems.

Two subsequent renovation phases will develop the Music Library into a performing arts library for the 21st century; a Women's and Gender Resource Room where all materials in that field will be grouped together, and the Margery Somers Foster Center for the creation of a digital women's archive. Other improvements envisioned include the development of information handling laboratories, more graduate carrels and group studies. D21 is a joint project supported by the deans of Douglass College and Mason Gross School of the Arts and by the University Librarian.

Posted March 23, 2004