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Out of the Dark Ages, Now Online:
International Medieval Bibliography

Some scholars might consider the Libraries new online resource, the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB), to be their knight in shining armor.

Long available in print and CD-ROM, the IMB is the most comprehensive index for Medieval Studies. The online database comprises over 300,000 records for publications from the mid-1960s onward. All subjects relating to the Middle Ages are included, within the date range 400-1500 AD. Geographical areas covered are Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. There is free text searching within the records and searching by authors, titles, publication sources, years of publication, ISBN/ISSN, languages, subjects, place names, persons, families, texts, repositories, and centuries treated. A browse function within each field displays the available terms. Records can be saved to a file.

The IMB incorporates articles published in periodicals and in conference proceedings, collected essays, Festschriften and exhibition catalogues published world wide.

Users can access the International Medieval Bibliography from the front page of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following one of the following paths from the Indexes and Databases pages:

Arts and Humanities - General
Arts and Humanities - History
Arts and Humanities - Literature and Linguistics
Social Sciences and Law - General
Science, Technology and Math - General

Posted March 15, 2004