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US Gov't Comics, 1957-94
Exhibit at Kilmer Library

Front cover of a special issue of Supergirl comics, published in 1987 by DC Comics in cooperation with the United States Department of Transportation, to promote the National Safety Belt Campaign.

Kilmer Library's new exhibit may seem comical but it serves a few good causes.

The exhibit, "Comic Books Published by the United States Government, 1957-1994," features special issue comics on the topics of health and safety, war and defense, the environment, and money and banking. The comics on display include well- known characters like Supergirl, McGruff the police dog, and Fat Albert, as well as government-created heros like Sprocket Man, an advocate of bicycle safety. Several of the comic books on display were borrowed from the government document collections at Alexander Library and the Library of Science and Medicine.

Ellen Zander, a reference assistant at Kilmer Library, curated the exhibit after completing a course in government information resources at SCILS. She may be contacted, to arrange talks for small groups about the exhibit, at

The exhibit will run until the first week of May.

Posted April 16, 2004