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New LLMC-Digital

The Libraries new resource, LLMC-Digital, might make a Rutgers researcher feel like a regular Woodward and Bernstein.

The Rutgers libraries may now take advantage of the Law Library Microform Consortium's efforts to preserve a broad range of law and law-related materials. The LLMC is conducting a crash program to transfer all of its back file of titles, over fifty million page images, to an on-line, searchable format; this initiative, begun in 2003, will form the basis of the continually growing collections becoming available through LLMC-Digital. Titles available are based on the Law Library Microform Consortium's own offerings and ones currently available come from the "U.S. Federal Collection." Included will be the Public Papers of the Presidents; various Presidential Commission reports (e.g. the Warren, Kerner, and Grace reports); Kappler's Indian Affairs, Law, Treaties; the Uniform Crime Reports; Foreign Relations of the United States; the IRS Cumulative Bulletin; Board of Indian Affairs Decisions, and many other titles that are being added on a continuing basis.

Coverage differs for individual titles, but dates may range anywhere between 1776 and 2000. Many of the resources from the U.S. Federal Collection of LLMC are already available in the Libraries' collections. Users are advised to consult with Rutgers reference librarians since many of these resources do not appear in IRIS.

Users may access LLMC-Digital from the front page of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by locating it in the title list of Indexes and Databases or in any of the following subject listings:
Social Sciences and Law / General Social Sciences
Social Sciences and Law / Law and Criminal Justice
Social Sciences and Law / Political Science
Arts and Humanities / History
General and Multidisciplinary / Government Publications

Posted May 5, 2004