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New! Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

One new online Libraries resource is prescribed for all students and scholars conducting research in health, medicine, or pharmaceuticals.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database contains over 1,000 evidence-based monographs on natural medicines. Compiled by clinicians, these monographs provide in depth information for each natural medicine product. This information, appropriate for patient care situations, includes: common, as well as colloquial names, brand names, scientific names, product uses, safety, effectiveness, description of known constituents, pharmacological actions, adverse reactions, possible interactions, any influence on nutrient levels and depletion in the body after use of the substance(s), dosage and administration, and reference citations. Also available in this database is a clinical management series on topics such as: obesity, depression, colds and flu, osteoporosis, menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome and others. Both basic and advanced searching is available.

The database comprises evidence-based, detailed monographs that provide clinical, therapeutic information to assist pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians and others in providing patient care. The database's searching functions were recently enhanced to easily yield results indicating natural product effectiveness, natural product/drug interaction, and disease/medical conditions.

Users can access the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database from the front page of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by locating it in the title list of Indexes and Databases or in any of the following subject listings:
Medicine / Health
Medicine / Medicine
Medicine / Pharmaceutical Sciences
Science, Technology, and Math / Biology
Science, Technology, and Math / Chemistry

Posted May 5, 2004