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Libraries Add LinkSource and A-Z Listing services

The Libraries have stepped in to make the process of getting the full text of an article identified in an index or database a whole lot easier by acquiring LinkSource, a product of the EBSCO company that enables linking among electronic resources. Once a user finds a citation he or she wants in any Libraries' database that works with LinkSource (not all do), he will in many cases be able to click directly to the full-text of the article cited.

LinkSource functions as an OpenURL resolver service, which uses information from a citation (metadata) to create a URL that can be used to link to various targets, such as the article full-text, library holdings, and other kinds of information. Many, but not all, of the databases to which the Rutgers University Libraries subscribe currently support the OpenURL standard.

The Libraries LinkSource implementation began with the following databases:

The Libraries are working with our other database vendors to incorporate LinkSource into as many databases as possible.For those databases that do not presently have LinkSource, a user will need to search the title of the journal in the Library Catalog to determine whether or not the Libraries own the issue he needs electronically or in paper. LinkSource will get as close to the full-text as it can, given the structure and quality of the information from the citation database and the full-text journal.

If the Libraries do not hold the journal issue a user needs electronically or in paper, she may be able to use interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan is available to current students, faculty and staff. More information can be found at

At the same time, the Libraries have implemented an enhanced electronic journals list on our website. EBSCO's Journals A-to-Z product is being used to manage our electronic journal subscriptions, which now number more than 20,000. Journals A-to-Z includes holdings and embargo information for most electronic journals cataloged in IRIS as well as many of those available within online databases and not cataloged in IRIS. Journals A-to-Z is available on the Libraries Electronic Journals Web page at

Online government documents are not included in Journals A-to-Z. To provide access to these titles, Libraries' systems staff created a separate list of government documents with URL's. Access this list from the Electronic Journals page on our website. More information about LinkSource can be found at

For questions about LinkSource or the A-Z Journal List, please send an email via the Ask A Librarian service at

Posted May 18, 2004