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FIAF Int'l FilmArchive database

The Libraries new database merits marquee attention.

FIAF International FilmArchive database is an international compendium of information on film and television maintained by the International Federation of FilmArchives. It provides over 325,000 indexed citations to articles from over 300 film periodicals, including academic journals and trade papers. Each citation entry consists of a full bibliographic description, an abstract and comprehensive headings (names, film titles and general subjects). The database provides a hierarchically ordered controlled thesaurus with more than 20,000 subject terms.

Additionally, FIAF International FilmArchive includes "The Treasures from the Film Archives" database, which contains unique information about silent film holdings in international film archives. It was conceived as a tool to aid the work of preservation, research, and film exchange between archives, and currently provides minimal credit information and holdings on over 35,000 works. The database also features a directory of film and documentation collections.

Users can access FIAF International FilmArchive from the front page of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path Find Articles / Indexes and Databases / Arts and Humanities / Film-Television.

Posted September 23, 2004