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New! Housing and Development Reseach Guide

If your research touches on public policy, metropolitan studies, or law, your can put your studies on a solid foundation with the Libraries' new online Housing and Development Resources subject research guide.

The Housing and Development Resources research guide opens a door to a large neighborhood of scholarly tools available at the Libraries, at Rutgers, or online. A section of policy journals offers links to 13 leading electronic journals. A section on legislation will take users to sites with information on national legislation, New Jersey legislation, a chronology of housing legislation and executive actions since 1892, and more. A section on housing and planning data contains links to authoritative sites with information on construction statistics, rental properties, housing stats, residential characteristics, and historical statistics. Other sections of the research guide cover policy forums, government agencies, international organizations, State of the Nation's Housing, associations and institutes, and other useful topics.

Users can access the Housing and Development Resources subject research guide from the front page of the Libraries website by following the path:
Find / Subject Research Guides   Housing and Development Resources.

Posted November 1, 2004