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Emerging Artists of New Jersey exhibition - opening reception

(E)motion I, painting by King-Yan "Fina" Yeung
   Friday, April 15, 2005
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Opening remarks at 5:00 pm
Art Library
College Avenue Campus

You are cordially invited to attend the spring 2005 Art Library exhibition, which showcases the engaging artwork of three young New Jersey artists whose works explore diverse themes in different media.

Visitors can view the world through the portraits of Roman Petruniak, rich in texture and mood; the photographs of Andrea C. Romanko, colorful and captivating in their singularity; and the drawing and paintings of King-Yan "Fina" Yeung, vibrant explorations of beauty and truth in different settings.

For more information on this event, or to RSVP, send email to or call the Libraries Administration reception desk at 732/932-7505.

Untitled work, by Andrea C. Romanko © 2003

Untitled: Muse, by Roman Petruniak

Posted March 15, 2005