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Libraries participating in LibQUAL+™ Survey

Did you receive an email request to take a survey about library services? If so, you were randomly selected to represent the opinions of students, faculty and staff regarding library services. We encourage you to respond to this important survey.

This spring, the Rutgers University Library system is one of 234 libraries participating in the Association of Research Libraries' sponsored LibQUAL+™ international survey. The survey runs from March 28 through April 22, 2005.

LibQUAL+™ gives our users a chance to tell us where our services need improvement so we can respond to their expectations. We will develop services that better meet our users' expectations by comparing our library's data with that of peer institutions and examining the practices of those libraries that are evaluated highly by their users.

We will use the results of LibQUAL+™ to identify best practices, analyze deficits, and effectively allocate resources to respond to the changing needs of our users.

The LibQUAL+ ™ survey consists of "22 items and a box." Each question has three parts that asks the respondents to indicate the minimum service level they will accept, the desired service level they expect, and the perceived level of service currently provided.

The box secures open-ended comments from users regarding their concerns and suggestions.

The average time to take the survey is 13 minutes.

Thank you for your support of LibQUAL+™.

Any questions, please see Frequently Asked Questions About LibQUAL+™.

Posted March 30, 2005