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Familiar Name, Now With
Reliable Research Results;
Introducing Google Scholar

Many students arrive at Rutgers with a budding affection for the popular search engine Google. The simplicity of the searching features and the reach of its results has helped establish the service as the top choice of information seekers worldwide.

The challenge for libraries has been to assist students using Google in separating the wheat from the chaff. Academic libraries, like the Rutgers University Libraries, support students as they distinguish between useful respected information posted online and the many personal Web pages that, while topical, are not considered authoritative.

In response to this challenge, Google has created a new variation of its search engine that is focused on the unique needs of academic research. The Libraries are pleased to add this new product, Google Scholar, to our Web pages.

Google Scholar serves the academic user by limiting search results to websites created by governmental and educational institutions. With the cooperation of a growing number of commercial scholarly publishers, Google Scholar search results also include subscription-only publications. Often, the subscription-only publications may then be accessed from the research resources available on the Rutgers University Libraries website.

Additional features on Google Scholar that make it useful for academic research include:

Users can access Google Scholar from the front page of the Libraries website, by following the path: Find Articles > Indexes and Databases > Arts and Humanities > General Arts and Humanities > Google Scholar.

Posted July 20, 2005