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Libraries change remote access method;
Old method no longer available

The Rutgers University Libraries now offer a new method for remote access that allows current Rutgers students, faculty, or staff to login using their Rutgers NetID. Any Web browser can be used and no changes need to be made to the browser. Login is possible from any Libraries Web page.

The new method requires users to set their computers to accept cookies. This allows the Libraries proxy server to keep track of all users that are logged in. These cookies are session based only and do not record any personal information about you or your Internet experiences.

The Libraries stopped offering the old remote access method which required users to enter their library barcode and PIN on August 22nd. Rutgers users who attempt to login using the old method will receive an error message and will be redirected to the new remote access login Web page.

Rutgers users whose browsers are configured to the old remote access method will need to reconfigure their set-up in order to use the new remote access method. For information on how to remove the old login method's configurations from your web browser, please see: I have my browser configured to connect with my Library Barcode and PIN. How do I switch to NetID login?

Users in recognized joint degree programs between Rutgers and other educational institutions may continue to login using their barcode and PIN.

For more information, see our Ask a Librarian Frequently Asked Questions: Remote Access to Library Resources at:

Posted August 12, 2005