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New! Zephyr database covers corporate deals

Future Donald Trumps of the world, and the professors teaching them now, have a valuable new resource at the Libraries.

Zephyr is a comprehensive record of the corporate "deal": corporate mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and venture capital deals. Deals that are completed, pending, withdrawn, announced, or rumored are included in the Zephyr database.

Over 100 search criteria allow deals to be searched not only by company, industry, and date, but also by deal structure, deal type, deal status, and many financial criteria. Search results can be exported in Excel, Word, and ASCII formats. Using the Analysis Tab, search results can be tabulated, sorted, and graphed according to a number of criteria.

The Zephyr database covers European deals from 1997 forward, North American deals from 2000 forward, and global deals from 2003 forward.

Users can access Zephyr from the frontpage of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path: Find Articles > Indexes and Databases > Business > Zephyr.

Posted October 7, 2005