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New! New Jersey online subject research guide

New Jersey Turnpike map, circa 1950, posted on the Rutgers Cartography website.

Anyone looking into historical, political, social, cultural, demographic, economic, and other aspects of the Garden State doesn't need to travel up and down the Turnpike to complete their studies. They just need to access the Libraries' newest subject research guide.

The Libraries new New Jersey subject research guide provides links, in a Facts and Figures section, to a wealth of data provided by New Jersey state government agencies, the US Department of Labor, and the United States Census Bureau. A Geography/Geology section lists nine authoritative publications held in Rutgers University Libraries' Special Collections and University Archives and six easily accessible online resources.

A State Government section brings together scholarly publications on New Jersey's legislative districts, constitutions, legislature, and state governors over the past 300 years, as well as links to websites covering all aspects of New Jersey governance. Other sections cover General History; Legends and Folklore; Ethnic Studies; Industry, Labor, and Economics; and other related topics.

The New Jersey subject research guide was prepared by Dave Kuzma, Special Collections and University Archives reference archivist. Users can access the New Jersey subject research guide from the front page of the Libraries website by following the path Find / Subject Research Guides New Jersey.

Posted January 24, 2006