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Have you tried the SCOPUS database yet?

SCOPUS is a new interdisciplinary search and citation database available at Rutgers through calendar year 2006. Launched by Elsevier Publishing in Nov. 2005, it contains over 27 million searchable document records extending back to the 1960's, representing over 14,000 source publications including journals, books, conference proceedings, open access articles, etc., plus 100% coverage of Medline. Citation searching is more limited in scope, with comprehensive coverage only for the most recent 10 year period.

SCOPUS inevitably invites comparisons with Web of Science, the original trail-blazer interdisciplinary search and citation database. Users of Web of Science should be particularly interested in reviewing the performance of SCOPUS and determining which of these products better serves their needs. The Rutgers University Libraries can only afford one of these products.

SCOPUS subject coverage is strongest in the sciences and extends across the full spectrum, which includes health, life, and biological sciences, engineering, agriculture, earth and environmental science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Many social science disciplines are also covered.

SCOPUS offers a broad range of search options including subject or key word searching, author searching, citation searching, plus others as well. The search interface is very user friendly, with numerous easy-to-access "help" resources.

A web link to SCOPUS is provided on the library's "Indexes and Databases" page at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu*/ Users may also access it directly at:

We encourage Libraries users to carry out their own personal evaluation of SCOPUS and then let us know what you think of it. Please send your comments to:

Posted March 22, 2006