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New! Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker

The Libraries new online resource provides a wide selection of the German classics. We're not talking about strudel, schnitzel, and schadenfreude. We're talking about Grillparzer, Grimm, ETA Hoffmann, Hölderlin, Kleist, Lessing, Storm and other noted authors, artists, philosophers, and statesmen.

Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker contains the works of more than 100 German authors from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century. The database includes works editions; anthologies of prose, poetry, drama, diaries, and letters; twelve volumes of political speeches and historical documents; and eight volumes of writings on German art and philosophy from the sixteenth through the early twentieth century. The complete text and scholarly apparatus can be searched by keyword, author, and title and browsed by author, then title under each author; it is also possible to search separately within the literary and non-literary works, letters, diaries, and apparatus. All content is in German, but the user can choose between an English and a German search interface.

Users can access Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker from the frontpage of the Libraries website, through Library Catalog or by following the path Find > Indexes and Databases > By Subject > Arts and Humanities > Language & Linguistics > Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker.

Posted April 11, 2006