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New! goENC database for math and science education

The Libraries' new online resource, goENC, is a virtual shiny red apple for math and science education faculty and students.

goENC is a collection of math and science materials for math and science educators. The database is searchable by resource type, subject and grade level and a Quick Search option is also available. In addition, a section on No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and State Standards provides an overview of NCLB, teacher accountability, scientifically based research and links to state standards.

The goENC database encompasses government publications, non-profit publications, national and state education department materials, school district curriculum, lesson plans, web sites, and professional development materials. All materials are indexed and linked full text by ENC Learning Inc.

Users can access goENC from the frontpage of the Libraries website, from Library Catalog or by following the path: Find > Indexes and Databases > By Subject > Social Sciences and Law > Education > goENC.

Posted April 25, 2006