News and Events: Archive: Wednesday, May 3, 2006 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Copyright Symposium Presents
Intellectual Properties:
How Issues Affect Faculty in Research, Collaboration and Institutional Due Diligence
Program on Intellectual Property

What is the definition of intellectual property? Who owns the products of research and collaboration? The panel (Ken Crews, Steven McDonald, Howard McGinn, Stanton Green) will include an intellectual property attorney, faculty, librarians, and administrators. Focusing on emerging issues in the field, their discussion will provide context, strategies, and projections for educators who are dealing with such questions as:

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What constitutes intellectual property? Who owns intellectual property?
What is the meaning of "work for hire" in higher education?
What is current practice regarding intellectual property in the areas of research and course design?
What dimensions does technology add to the issue of intellectual property?
Forecasts: What are the implications for scholarship and for academia in the future?

Posted April 12, 2006; May 1, 2006