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New! Africa-Wide NiPAD online database

The Libraries new database covers a multitude of aspects of African culture, history, and society, ranging from law to literature, from periodicals to politics, and much more.

Africa-Wide: NiPAD is a very comprehensive database that covers African and South African studies and has more than 2 million records of information from Africa, Europe and the USA. The subject areas covered include politics, history, economics, business, mining, natural sciences, environment, development, social issues, anthropology, literature, language, law, music, and tourism.

The African databases included in this database are: IBISCUS (1970 to 2001), School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) Library Catalogue: Africa (1989 to current), NAMLIT (19th century to current), Natural & Cultural Heritage of Africa (NATCHA) (1960-current), Afro-Tropical Bird Information Retrieval Database (20th century to current), African Periodicals Exhibit (APEX), Bibliography on Contemporary African Politics and Development (1981 to 1992), Don Africana Collection (16th Century to current), The Campbell Collections of the University of Natal, Killie Campbell Africana Library Bibliography (19th Century to current), International Library of African Music (ILAM), Database of Swiss Theses and Dissertation (1897 to current), African Development Database, Media Africa, African Journals OnLine, Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (NiZA)- BIDOC current catalogue, African Books Collective.

The South African Databases included are: Index to South African Periodicals (1987 to current), South African National Bibliography (1988 to current), The Southern African Database (Sardius) (1961 to 1997), National English Literary Museum (1990 to current), KnipKat, NEXUS, Witwatersrand University Management Research Reports (1970 to current), The Centre for Rural Legal Studies Database (1987 and earlier to current), South African Legal Abbreviations, Political Information and Monitoring Service Database (PIMS).

Users can access Africa-Wide: NiPAD from the front page of the Libraries website, from Library Catalog or by following the path: Find > Indexes and Databases > Social Sciences and Law > International Studies > Africa-Wide: NiPAD.

Posted May 9, 2006