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Library budget reduction impact

August 24, 2006

Update from the University Librarian - Good news!

I am very happy to report that the partial restoration of funding for higher education in the state budget has meant a partial restoration of funding for the Libraries. The University established an additional reduction category of "academic support unit" that includes the Libraries and reduced our budget by 8.2% rather than 10%. As a result, we need to absorb a permanent reduction of $1,944,466-- a restoration of $426,834. In addition, we were given a one-time special allocation of $198,166 for collections.

We will still need to freeze approximately 20 positions yet we will avoid layoffs. We will be able to fill four previously frozen positions, and we will be able to fill some of the positions that become vacant during the year. Because we will be significantly reducing our operating funds, including wages of labor for hourly employees, we will not be able to do everything we want to do to provide excellent services for faculty and students.

We do know that reference desk services (53 hours/week system-wide) and building hours (137 hours per week system-wide) will be reduced. The Ingenta gateway service for article delivery is being eliminated. Many operations will not cease, but will slow down. Some new activities will be curtailed and many serials and databases will be cancelled. The one-time funding for collections will be applied to the purchase of new books.

Our website will provide important information for library staff and our users about what services will be changing. Details about specific changes appear below under the appropriate categories.

Marianne I. Gaunt
University Librarian

News notices about the budget impact on the Libraries

Posted June 13, 2006; Revised August 24, 2006