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Covered drinks now welcome in Libraries

Students studying at the Kilmer Library are accompanied a coffee container that respects the new covered drinks policy. Good for them!

In an effort to create a more inviting atmosphere for study and research, the Rutgers University Libraries have revised their food and drink policy to allow drinks in spill proof containers to be used in library buildings.

Users are now welcome to bring their coffee, tea, soda, water, or other beverages into the Libraries and enjoy them while using the library resources. All drinks must be in containers with covers attached that prevent large accidental spills, which can ruin expensive publications, computers, or other library holdings.

The new policy goes into effect July 1st. Certain locations in the Libraries, with sensitive materials or machinery, are not included in this new policy and users are urged not to bring drinks to them. The exceptions to the new covered drinks policy are the Art Library, the Library Annex, Special Collections and University Archives, and all computer labs in the Libraries.

Users should keep in mind that spilled food or drink can be quite damaging to library collections and equipment, leading to monetary loss and less comfortable library furnishings. To avoid preventable losses and placing hardships on others, users should please avoid bringing food into the libraries, only bring in drinks in covered containers, and handle their drinks with care around library materials.

For more information on the Libraries' food and drink guidelines, and other guidelines for user behavior, please see the Library User Conduct and Security policy:

Posted June 28, 2006