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Budget cuts impact on the Dana Library

As a result of the severe New Jersey state budget cuts to the university, the John Cotton Dana Library on the Rutgers-Newark Campus has made the following changes:

1. The Dana Library will close at 10:00 pm on weekdays (Monday – Thursday), instead of at midnight. On Fridays, the library will close at 5:00 pm, instead of at 7:00 pm. Sunday closing will be at 8:00 pm, instead of 10:00 pm. To accommodate student study needs during the Fall exam period, there will be a restoration of most of these hours.

2. Reference desk coverage will be reduced two hours on weekdays (Monday – Thursday), with reference librarians on duty till 8:00 pm. The Serials window will close at 5:00 pm on weekdays and will not be open on weekends. The Media desk will close at 8:00 pm on weekdays, instead of 10:00 pm. There will be no Media service on weekends.

3) The reduction in hourly workers has meant that there will be slowdowns in service areas such as circulation, the Rutgers Delivery Service, interlibrary loan, and at the Institute of Jazz Studies. There will be reductions in the exhibition programs as well.

4) There will be very few books purchased. There will be cancellations in periodical subscriptions and databases as well.

We very much regret having to implement these measures.

Posted September 12, 2006